To Save Money


To Save Money

If you want a new look for your bathroom or kitchen, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars remodelling and renovating, then refinishing is your best value. Replacing the bathtub alone can cost as much as $3000. Custom Inserts are less evasive but don’t be fooled they too can cost thousands of dollars and if not custom fit properly can separate, crack, leak and destroy the old tub and wall surface underneath.

With refinishing, you only pay a fraction (as little as 15%) of the cost of replacement. Anyone who has ever replaced the tiles, bathtub or sink in there bathroom or countertop, tile backsplash or cupboards in there kitchen, knows the mess and hassle of demolition, as well as the drain on there bank account.

Granite and stone is very popular in kitchens today but anyone who has priced out the cost knows how expensive it is. It can cost over $4000 just for the granite alone to replace a 30 square foot countertop and that’s not including the installation cost. We can do a high gloss faux granite refinish using our Stone Accents or Multicolor Coatings on a countertop up to 32 square feet for about $1000.

The bottom line is refinishing is the most cost effective solution to achieve the most impressive look. Faux veneer countertops are more cost effective, but don’t give you the high gloss shine & depth like the real thing. Check out our gallery of pictures and you will see what we mean.