Our Services


Superior Surface Refinishing uses a multi-step process to resurface your tubs, tile, acrylics, marble, fiberglass, arborite, vanities and cabinets. We also specialize in Anti-slip Surfaces as a safety feature for tubs and showers.

Our EP-Acrylic by Integrity Coatings, is the best product that we know of available today for bathtub and tile refinishing.

Integrity Coatings products have all proven their quality and durability over time, and are Isocyanate free for the protection of our technicians and our clients.

If you like your tile but are having problems with missing grout, grout staining or mildew, we have a new solution. We can do what we call a Tile Restore. This includes removing the old silicone from the tile corners, cleaning the tile & grout, filling in any missing grout where needed and then using a colored grout sealer to seal the grout only rather than completely refinishing all of the tile. This Tile Restore process is priced lower than completely refinishing the tile and works very well if you already like the tile you have.

You can choose solid colors, or we have our Stone Accents & Multicolor Finish options that also can be used. Regardless of your needs Superior Surface Refinishing, has the solution and at a fraction of the cost over replacement or custom fit liners.

All bathtubs and tile surrounds are ready for use within 24 hours of the refinishing application minimizing the downtime and inconvenience.

Refinishing is truly the most time efficient and cost effective solution to all your bathroom, tub, and shower remodelling needs!

We also specialize in antique and Clawfoot tub resurfacing and refinishing. We can refinish the inside, ledges and, or the outside as well. Different colors can be chosen for the outside to match your décor for a truly stunning look. We also can supply you with many different accessories for your antique or claw foot tub including different style of feet with different finishes available. Contact us for more details on Clawfoot tub accessories.