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Createastain is a new technology waterbase styrene acrylic stain with silane. This stain is excellent for staining cement, wood and other surfaces.

We can transform unsealed concrete, stucco & wood to a fancier multicolor blended color finished look.

Other multistone finishes and fleck products look good, but this stain allows us to create a similar look with a waterbase stain that penetrates deeply into porous surfaces such as concrete, stucco, and wood.

With the addition of silane, adhesion is increased up to 400%, making this product one of the best stains in today’s stain industry.

Waterbase stains are easy to use, are non hazardous and because of today’s silane technology are a better choice than acid stains for concrete.

This stain contains NO ETHYLENE GLYCOL as well, which has been known to cause cancer, as reported by the state of California. A lot of stains do have this in their products.

We use standard stock colors in semi transparent finish, but can also order custom color’s of your choice for an additional fee, as well as high solids.

We prep whatever surface we are refinishing, then we create our faux finishes with Createastain to achieve a granite, marble, or other stone look you may want.

Surfaces to be used on:

Cement patios, Driveways, Walkways, Garage Floors, Pool Decks, Stucco, Faux rocks, Concrete ornaments, Wood surfaces.